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Tea Powder

India is one of the largest tea producers in the world, with over 70% of the tea being consumed within India itself. A number of renowned teas, such as Assam and Darjeeling, also grow exclusively in India. The Indian tea industry has grown to own many global tea brands, and has evolved to one of the most technologically equipped tea industries in the world. Tea production, certification, exportation, and all other facets of the tea trade in India is controlled by the Tea Board of India.


free from added colors and added flavors.
dry with not more than 7% moisture content;
Free from contaminants;
Free of pests and damage caused by them affecting the general appearance of the product;
Free of foreign smell and/ taste
Hygienically packed
Can be consumed with milk or without milk

Tea powder is available in different variants and flavours, one of the most common tea now a days used is Green Tea .
We export all branded tea powders

List of the Top Tea Brands in India

Tata Tea, Wagh Bakri Tea, Brooke Bond, Lipton and Pataka etc to name the few.

1 Society OMT Instant Coffee Premix
2 Society OMT Masala Instant Tea Premix
3 Society OMT Elaichi Instant Tea Premix
4 Society OMT Gingerlemongrass Instant Tea Premix
5 Society OMT Lemongrass Instant Tea Premix
5 Society OMT Lemongrass Instant Tea Premix
Wagh Bakri 3 in 1 Instant Tea
6 Flavours : Elaichi, Ginger & Masala
7 Wagh Bakri 3 in 1 instant tea
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